Touched by God


“And why must the elders in a society immerse themselves in the issues of the times?  If for no other reason than that they are the only ones who are free to tell the truth.  They have nothing to lose now:  not status, not striving, not money, not power.  They are meant to be the prophets of a society, it’s compass, it’s truth-tellers.”
From The Gift of Years:  Growing Older Gracefully by Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB Blue Bridge Press (2008)

4 thoughts on “Now Is Your Time!–Elder/Older Prophets

  1. I love Joan Chittister and her feisty, down to earth, and brave way of being a Catholic/Christian religious woman in this world.


  2. Mary McKenna says:

    Those of us who are “old heads” have a special opportunity to add our “wisdom”. We need to encourage all those we know and love to share their observations, hopes and suggestions to our Church leaders who hope for our input in this Synod. It is important to encounter the insights of those in our families and those “former” Catholics we know so we can see ourselves as others see us… and get better.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Could not agree more. How do we help people feel “free” to truly share their observations, hopes, and suggestions to Church leaders?


  3. Anonymous says:

    The idea of freedom that comes with age is a very intriguing comment.


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