Touched by God


Touched by God

Confessions of a Prison Chaplain

If we are ever going to be taken seriously by the young today, we need a discussion about sexuality and spirituality in the Catholic Church and beyond. This memoir (currently in the publishing process) will help other people, including priests, be more real about their lives, and their relationships with God. The striking connection that unfolds in this memoir is the one which Fr. Paul makes between the inmates he ministers to as a chaplain and his own sense of being imprisoned as a priest. (from the memoir).

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Prayer for the gift of sexuality

This is the place for such a discussion. A Blog link is available for you to offer your own views about these issues. A “prayer card” below names some of the challenges we hope to discuss. This will not be a top-down discussion, with all of the answers known ahead of time, e.g. Church teachings. We will try to be honest and upfront about these teachings, as well as listen to your experiences and views, as long as they are suitable to be printed. As facilitators, we will try to evoke your ideas, as well as contrast them at times, as a group spiritual director might do while leading a session. The goal will be to hear the voice of the people about your sexual-spiritual lives, and by so doing to contribute toward healthier ways of understanding our human sexuality as a gift of God. 

At the same time, we want to open ourselves up to the plight of those imprisoned throughout America and the world. Their voices are heard throughout the memoir, and will help us get in touch with them whether we relate to God or not. Any struggles we have with our sexuality can help us have compassion for these people whom Christ identifies with, as well as for ourselves. (Mt. 25:36)

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